2020-2022 Ford Explorer SUV’s recalled again.

Ford Explorer 2020-2022 Complaints Spark Regulatory Investigation

U.S. auto safety regulators have recently drawn attention to a string of “Ford Explorer 2020-2022 complaints.” This past Saturday, they announced an examination of prior recalls of 710,000 Ford Motor Explorer SUVs, which continue to spark Ford Explorer 2020-2022 complaints despite implemented fixes.

Background of the 2020-2022 Ford Explorer Complaints and Recalls

Ford Motor, recognized as the No. 2 automaker in the U.S., experienced previous recalls in April 2022 and March 2023. These recalls targeted Ford Explorer 2020-2022 model years, an attempt to resolve an issue that spurred many Ford Explorer 2020-2022 complaints. The problem lies with a rear axle horizontal mounting bolt with the potential to fracture and cause a driveshaft disconnect.

Ford’s Response to Ford Explorer 2020-2022 Complaints

In response to the wave of Ford Explorer 2020-2022 complaints, the company explained that a disconnected driveshaft could lead to the SUV rolling away, even when parked without the parking brake engaged. This substantial risk of accidents led to the recall.

Ford’s answer to these Ford Explorer 2020-2022 complaints was to offer a software update. This update aimed to engage the electronic service parking brake automatically, stopping the vehicle from rolling away. However, the core issue of the failed rear axle horizontal mounting bolt remained unaddressed.

The Persistent Problem: Power Loss and Transmission Torque Reduction

Even after this fix, the NHTSA has received two complaints of a power loss or transmission torque reduction in the rear wheels of these SUVs. This led to further Ford Explorer 2020-2022 complaints. One complaint mentioned the vehicle coming to an abrupt stop while driving, following the software update. The incident, occurring at speeds of 30-35 mph or less, repeated several times with different drivers.

Despite these new Ford Explorer 2020-2022 complaints, Ford did not immediately comment last Saturday. They had previously stated in March that they were unaware of any accidents or injuries related to the recall issue and thought the recommended fix alleviated the issues.

Georgia Lemon Law Provides Protection for Consumers

For Georgia consumers who have contributed to Ford Explorer 2020-2022 complaints, it’s essential to understand your protections under Georgia’s ‘Lemon Law’ and the “Federal” lemon law. Georgia Lemon Law attorneys can help guide you through these regulations if you’ve bought an Explorer that has serious mechanical problems or has been subjected to multiple recalls.

The Role of Georgia Lemon Law Attorneys in Addressing Ford Explorer 2020-2022 Complaints

If you’re a Georgia resident facing issues with your Ford Explorer SUV that match these Ford Explorer 2020-2022 complaints, it is strongly advised to consult with a Georgia Lemon Law attorney. They can help determine if your situation qualifies under the Georgia Lemon Law and/or other consumer protection laws and assist you in seeking the appropriate compensation or resolution.

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