Georgia Lemon Law For New Cars

Georgia Lemon Law For New Cars & Other Vehicles

Georgia’s lemon law for new cars and vehicles could help you if you purchased your vehicle in the State of Georgia and the vehicle is a newer model with a manufacturer’s warranty. The new(2019-2024 model years) motor vehicle must have multiple, ongoing defects and/or issues, or 1 serious safety defect. If the vehicle has been out of service for 30 or more days, you may also qualify. The car should have had repeated, unsuccessful repair attempts by the dealer, or an authorized repair facility. If you take your vehicle to an unauthorized dealer or shop, this may void the warranty and thus, your lemon law rights.

Your Lemon Law Rights in Georgia

Under Georgia’s New Car Lemon Law, your Lemon Law rights period ends two years(24 months) from the date the vehicle was originally purchased and delivered to you. Alternately, that period would end after the first 24,000 miles of use following the original purchase/delivery of the vehicle, whichever would happen first.

If your new car or motor vehicle cannot be repaired after a reasonable number of attempts and is determined to be a “lemon, the law requires the manufacturer to replace or buy back(repurchase) the vehicle. The new car must have been purchased in Georgia and have a warranty to be considered a lemon under Georgia’s lemon law. The number of repair attempts should equal 3 times plus 1 final attempt.

If your new vehicle purchased in Georgia does not qualify for Georgia new car lemon law, there may another option.You could potentially have a Breach of Warranty claim under the Federal lemon law, also known as the Magnuson – Moss Federal Warranty Rights Act. This law is often used to pursue a claim on your behalf and this law covers your attorney’s fees if we win your case.  If you do have a case, we’ll help you compile the necessary paperwork to start the process and handle all of the necessary correspondence with the manufacturer. Plus, we use the fee-shifting provision if we pursue the federal Lemon Laws to charge the manufacturer for our services instead of you.

Georgia’s lemon law for new cars/vehicles specifically covers 2 types of defects:

  • Any 1 serious safety defect; and/or
  • Any other defect or condition that:
    • substantially impairs the vehicle’s use, value or safety to the consumer, or
    • renders the new motor vehicle nonconforming to a manufacturer’s warranty.

Your vehicle should always go back to the dealership where you purchased it for repair for any defects or issues that arise. If you are not comfortable with that dealer another authorized dealer can perform the repairs. It is important to make certain that you obtain copies of each and every repair order from the dealer, as each repair must be documented by the repairing dealer/facility.

Consulting with a Georgia Lemon Law Attorney can help you determine if filing a claim under the state lemon law is advisable and if so, what you need to do. We offer a free case consultation.  When our attorneys evaluate your case, we may advise recourse under the Federal lemon law or other consumer protection laws in lieu of Georgia’s Lemon Laws. The facts of each lemon law case and claim are unique to the vehicle and the manufacturer’s warranties are different as well.

When we evaluate your lemon law rights for a new vehicle, we will review all your repair orders and all other documentation that is important to your lemon law case. We have handled hundreds of new car lemon law claims, 99% settle without having to go to trial.

You can watch the video for a brief overview of your Georgia Lemon Law rights. If you suspect you are driving a new car lemon in a different state, please visit YourLemonLawRights for a free consultation.