Georgia Lemon Law for Used Vehicles

Does Georgia Lemon Law Cover Used Cars and Other Used Vehicles?

As a general rule, used cars and other vehicles, whether purchased or leased in Georgia, are NOT covered by the Georgia Motor Vehicle Warranty Rights Act, also know as the Georgia Lemon Law. There are, however, other consumer laws that might cover a defective used vehicle purchased in Georgia. The Georgia Lemon Law was enacted to protect Georgia consumers that purchase defective, newer model cars, SUV’s, trucks and other vehicles(2016-2021) that cannot be repaired. Our team of Georgia lemon law attorneys offers a free consultation for a used car or other used vehicle purchased from a dealer in Georgia, with a used vehicle warranty  that has been back to the dealer for numerous repairs. The vehicle must have been purchased or leased from 2016-2021 AND  must have a warranty in place. A certified used vehicle

What is Considered a Used Vehicle in Georgia?

The definition of a “used” car, SUV, truck, or van, is a vehicle that was titled to any person other than the selling dealer before being titled to the current buyer/owner. This does not mean that you do not have any rights if you purchase a used vehicle in Georgia. Some used vehicles, such as those sold as “certified used”, do come with a used vehicle warranty. The warranty may be provided by a dealer or the manufacturer. If one of these covered vehicles are found to be defective, there are other consumer protection laws that may apply such as the Magnuson Moss Federal Warranty Protection Act also known as the “federal” lemon law, or Georgia’s Used Car Dealer Fraud laws.

Vehicles Purchased in Georgia “As Is”

If you purchase a used car, SUV, truck, or van “as is”, that means the vehicle does not have a warranty. You are accepting the vehicle in the condition it is currently in at the time you purchased the vehicle. The dealer is then, or at any time in the future, not liable for any issues and subsequent repairs at all once the vehicle leaves the dealer’s lot. In some cases, a used vehicle is sold under less than standard or fraudulent sales practices or procedures. If so, you, as a buyer, may be a victim of Consumer Fraud in Georgia. Visit our Georgia Auto Fraud website for additional information on your options if you suspect your rights have been violated during a transaction with an auto dealer, or your find that information regarding the history of the vehicle has not been disclosed to you.

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