The typical way a vehicle owner finds out about a recall is through a mailed letter from the manufacturer, or when the vehicle is in for service at an authorized dealership. It is the responsibility of the servicing dealer to check for recalls and inform the owner when a vehicle is in for any sort of service.

Auto Recalls and Lemon Law Claims

A vehicle in most states is usually considered a lemon when there has been 3 or more reasonable repair attempts for the same problem or, if the vehicle has been out of service 30+ days in an effort to repair the ongoing issue. Does a recall count as one of these repair attempts for a lemon law claim?

When our firm evaluates a case for a Georgia lemon law claim, or warranty law claim, we review all repair orders and other relevant documents to determine the viability of the claim. Since there are no two cases that are exactly the same, a recall may be considered as part of the total number of repairs that would count towards the 3+ under the lemon law if the recall is for the same issue as the other repairs. It will also depend on whether or not the recall repair attempt fixed the issue.

To reiterate, remember to make a habit of keeping a record of all repairs. Ask for copies of the repair orders after you pick your vehicle up from the dealer, whether it is a repair for a recall or any other repair. Do not leave the dealership without it.  Our team of Georgia Lemon Law Attorneys will carefully review each documented repair order including the recall repair to determine whether or not your vehicle qualifies for a Georgia lemon law or federal lemon law claim.

To check for any auto recalls for your vehicle visit NHTSA Auto Recalls. You can enter your 17 digit VIN into the search on this page and all the auto recalls for your vehicle will come up.

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