The most recent recall from Tesla includes over 40,000, 2017-2021 Model S and Model X vehicles. The issue, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, could potentially cause a loss of power steering assist, after hitting a pothole, or when driving on rough roads. This could in turn, increase crash risk as a loss of power steering assist can require greater steering effort. This is especially true at lower speeds.

Tesla has released an over-the-air software update that will recalibrate the system. In October, a firmware release caused some vehicles to lose power. As of today 97% of the recalled Tesla vehicles have installed the update that fixes the issue. No further action is required for this recall once the update has been installed.White Tesla Vehicle

If your Tesla purchased in Georgia has experienced repeated repair attempts for 1 problem, multiple repairs for different problems, or has been out of service for repairs 30 or more days, you could be driving a lemon. Call Georgia Lemon Law Attorneys today at 404-737-3451 for a free case review. You could be entitled to “lemon-aid”, a replacement or compensation, if your Tesla does not perform as expected.

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