What Is this Latest Tesla Recall About?

Tesla is recalling over 2 million vehicles in the U.S. to address AutoPilot issues and enhance driver safety. The move comes after a two-year investigation by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) into accidents involving Tesla’s AutoPilot partially automated driving system, specifically involving the Autosteer function. The software update aims to increase warnings, alerts, and restrict where basic AutoPilot functions can operate. While considered a positive step, safety experts argue that it doesn’t fully resolve the system’s challenges in recognizing and avoiding obstacles.

What Tesla Models Does This Recall Include?

The recall covers Tesla models Y, S, 3, and X produced from October 5, 2012, to December 7, 2023. This includes almost all of the vehicles Tesla has manufactured It includes limiting Autosteer use to appropriate conditions, visual and audible alerts for non-compliance, and suspending Autosteer for drivers repeatedly failing to maintain continuous driving responsibility.

Critics argue that the update doesn’t address the lack of night vision cameras or the system’s failure to detect emergency vehicles. They emphasize the need for stronger regulation and comprehensive driver monitoring systems in autonomous vehicles.

Despite concerns, Tesla agreed to the recall on December 5, 2023, in an effort to resolve the investigation. NHTSA continues to monitor the effectiveness of Tesla’s remedies to ensure enhanced safety.

In summary, Tesla’s recall and software update address Tesla AutoPilot issues but may not fully resolve the underlying problems, prompting calls for stronger regulation and improved monitoring systems in autonomous vehicles.

Is Your Tesla a Lemon?

This recall addresses problems and issues with the Autopilot Autosteer features on the majority of Tesla models to date. If you have experienced multiple issues of any type with your Tesla, you could be driving a Tesla Lemon. Many visits to a Tesla dealer for repairs that remain may qualify you for a partial refund, replacement or compensation under Georgia Lemon Law. An experienced Georgia lemon law attorney can assist in determining your protections and rights under state and federal consumer protection laws. Teslas are high tech, expensive vehicles and dependability is key to an owner’s satisfaction and trust in the vehicle itself.

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Tesla recall impacts almost all cars sold.

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