Are you driving
a Lemon in Georgia?

Find Out If You Qualify for Lemon Law Relief, You Could Be Entitled To: A Full Refund, A New Vehicle Or a Cash Settlement!

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Are you driving
a Lemon in Georgia?

Find Out If You Qualify for Lemon Law Relief.
You Could Be Entitled To:
A Full Refund
A New Vehicle
Cash Settlement

Lemon Law Q&As

In the state of Georgia your consumer protection rights are determined by state & federal law and your vehicle’s warranty.

Law Questions Answered

Georgia Lemon Law Statutes & “Federal” Lemon law

Read the Georgia Lemon Law Statues and Federal Lemon Law, what are your rights?

Lemon Law Statutes

Car Warranty Information

Research your vehicle manufacturer’s warranty, what is covered and for how long?

Warranty Coverage

Our experienced team of Georgia lemon law attorneys offer professional legal help for your lemon vehicle… and you don’t pay attorneys’ fees out of your pocket! Georgia Lemon Law   and the Federal Lemon Law allow for a consumer to receive a new vehicle or a refund, however, only certain cases apply.

If your case does not fit into the guidelines of the Georgia State Lemon Law, you may qualify under a Federal Consumer Rights Statute, the Magnuson Moss Warranty Act. Over twenty five years ago, Congress enacted the federal Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act to protect consumers from defective “lemon” vehicles and other defective consumer products. It’s important to get legal help from experienced Georgia lemon law attorneys, with advanced knowledge of the lemon law process, as you want to obtain the most favorable outcome for your lemon law claim. Under the Federal Statute, you are entitled to cash compensation for qualifying cases.

Georgia lemon law attorneys will handle your GA consumer cases for all types of defective vehicles including cars, trucks, mini-vans, SUV’s, recreational vehicles and campers, full size vans, boats, motorcycles and even mopeds. If you have a defective consumer product, federal and Georgia state consumer protection laws might also offer you “lemon-aid” if the product is warrantied.

Experienced Georgia lemon lawyers have helped consumers get compensation for their defective vehicles and other products, all without asking clients pay any attorneys’ fees out of pocket. Georgia lemon law lawyers will work with clients throughout the entire state of Georgia, ready to help with any type of lemon situation you might face.

Our Georgia lemon law attorneys could help you get rid of your lemon, and the vehicle manufacturer pays your attorney fees. Call 404-737-3451, 24/7 to reach Georgia Lemon Law Lawyers for your FREE* initial lemon law consultation, Or submit your information online for your FREE attorney case evaluation. You could be entitled to compensation or your money back.