Georgia Lemon Laws for Nissans

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Werkstatt Auto Mechaniker 006If you’ve been back to the dealer many times for repairs to your newer model Nissan, you could be driving a Nissan lemon. State and federal laws protect consumer’s rights when dealing with a Nissan that has multiple issues that may involve the engine, brakes, air conditioning system, electrical problems and many other problems.

A few Nissan models have known issues and recalls. If you are experiencing:
– Nissan Leaf battery problems
– Nissan Altima steering column problems
– Nissan Pathfinder engine problems

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Example Nissan Issues

tumblr_inline_mscoxnPFNq1qz4rgp2012 Nissan Pathfinder Diesel Auto Transmission Issues

Owners of some 2012 Nissan Pathfinders with diesel engines are discovering there may be some problems with the automatic transmission of their vehicles.

tumblr_inline_mrualbbMtI1qz4rgp2012 Nissan Leafs Not Delivering Miles Per Battery Charge as Promised
The Nissan Leaf was designed to give drivers of the vehicle extended mileage on a battery charge and reduce gas consumption. Unfortunately, owners of some 2012 Nisan Leafs have found that they are not getting the mileage per battery charge that they were promised at purchase. There is a big difference between 85 miles per charge and the 60 most drivers have been getting. Though there is supposed to be some necessary degradation over many years, sure seems that these batteries may be getting old way before their time.