Hyundai recently reported issues with loose windshields that could “pop-out” in the event of an accident, causing potential injuries to the driver and passengers.The recall includes 9,596 Sonatas, 8,561 Santa Fe models and 8,256 Elantra models, for a total of 26,500 vehicles from 2020-2021 model years. According to Hyundai, No accidents or injuries have been reported to date.

According to the NHTSA(National Highway & Transportation Safety Administration), the windscreens in the affected vehicles may not have been properly attached to the vehicle due to an issue with “non-conforming, clear coat paint”. If an accident did occur, the windshield could detach, which leaves the occupants in harm’s way due to flying debris and other hazards.

You can review the recall by visiting Hyundai 2021 Windshield Recall on the NHTSA website. If you are the owner of one of the affected vehicles, letters should be mailed out by 2/25/22 and dealers will be able to perform repairs for this recall soon after.

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