Georgia Lemon Law and Recalls: A Guide

Ever wondered if vehicle recalls fall within the scope of coverage under Georgia’s Lemon Law? The answer is a resounding yes. Manufacturers only resort to initiating auto recalls when they’re addressing widespread defects. If, despite multiple attempts, they fail to correct the recalled defect, you could be eligible for compensation, as long as your vehicle was within the Georgia Lemon Law Rights Period or still under warranty when the recall was declared.

Recalls and the Georgia Lemon Law

It’s important to note that manufacturers typically do not issue recalls until they have a viable and tested solution to the defect. Consequently, while auto recalls are indeed covered under the Georgia lemon law, or Magnuson-Moss Federal Warranty Protection Act, failed repair attempts following recalls are not common.

How Does Recall/Repair Time Affect Your Rights Under the Georgia Lemon Law?

Keep in mind that according to the Georgia Lemon Law, a vehicle is categorized as a ‘lemon’ if it has been unavailable due to repairs for a cumulative 30 days. The time dedicated to addressing recalls counts toward this total. Therefore, if the time taken for recall repairs pushes your vehicle’s out-of-service duration past the 30-day threshold, you should qualify for compensation

f you’re unsure about whether your vehicle is a lemon, reach out to Georgia Lemon Law Attorneys. We offer free evaluations of your potential case. If your claim is valid, we’ll aid you in securing the compensation you deserve, and the manufacturer will be billed for our services. Even if your claim doesn’t qualify, we can still advise you on the best course of action to address your issue.

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